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Is Andre Johnson a Hall of Famer?


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Weekly Rockets report

Wins over Knicks, Hawks and Jazz highlight a solid week

Well, last week was neat, huh? The Rockets retired their 22 year old reputation as the only major sports team among the big three in Houston to ever claim …


If only the Texans and Rockets could be more like the Astros

 Now that we are a city of champions again we need to start acting like it. That means you Texans. And you Rockets. It’s not like they can take th…


Rockets recap: Perfect start includes big win over Warriors

You would think that upsetting the reigning NBA champions on their home court en route to an undefeated first week of the season would be a little mor…


Great result for Rockets, but Harden-Paul pairing will be a work in progress

Last night the Houston Rockets upset the Golden State Warriors 122-121 in a thrilling shootout to kick off the regular season. Free agent signings Luc Mbah …

Houston Hoops

2017-2018 preview: Rockets are poised to make a deep playoff run

Well that offseason flew by. The regular season is back in action this week, and after a wildly forgettable second round playoff exit, a new-look Rockets tea…

The Pallilog

Pallilo's view: A look at a great time in Houston sports

Hi. Welcome to my weekly ravings, rantings, rankings, and anything else that comes with my modest contribution. What a great time t…


Tilman talks: New Rockets owner discusses national anthem, Toyota Center food, and why he loves the NBA

It’s not every day that an NBA franchise gets a new owner. There are, after all, only 30 teams. Thursday, the NBA Board of Governors unanimously approve…

Hometown Heroes

The top 5 athletes in Houston sports history

Texas is known for having some of the most talented athletes from across the world. College coaches consider Houston to be one of the best recruiting ho…


Rockets' newest All-Star Chris Paul launches stylish accessories collection

Around the NBA, new Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul is known as a fashionable guy. So it's no surprise that that the 9-time All-Star has teamed wit…

Stadium Cheat Sheet

The Houston stadium tour cheat sheet Part 2: Toyota Center

This is part two of the Houston stadium series. You can find part one — Minute Maid Park — here. We’re peeling back the layers o…

Bad money

The 5 worst contracts in Houston sports history

Sometimes, the conversations start innocently enough. Eventually, the debate starts. From there, the talk can turn into a full-fledged argument and maybe even …

Who's with me?

Rooting for Houston sports teams puts you in good company

Watching a big sporting event has plenty of excitement built into the experience, but sharing that energy with another group of people makes the game eve…

Fair-Weather Fans?

A view of Houston fans from a non-native Houstonian

I moved to Houston a few years ago to pursue my lifelong dream of rotting away in a cubicle and getting stuck in rush-hour traffic. If only I knew abou…